Great Thoughts of Small People

Great Thoughts of Little People.

Big Thoughts of Little People is a talk show style entertainment programme. The main characters are children - episode participants duel with the host by discussing serious topics and expressing their opinions from a child's perspective.

Produkcja Filmowa

The participants in the programme, as we mentioned earlier, are children between 6 and 10 years old. They are selected in carefully prepared castings. Most importantly, we are looking for children who are authentic, genuine and full of emotions. Such children provide the most interesting answers, retorts and build the atmosphere of the programme.

The programme consists of 3 main elements – loose conversations, questions testing the participants’ knowledge and logic puzzles and 2 smaller ones – a visit to the participant’s home and showing his/her passion. Depending on the location they join at the beginning – introducing the location (walking around the city) or getting to know the children in the casting room.

Loose conversations touch on topics that are not only important for children but also for adults. They show how much we can learn from the youngest members of our society. These conversations are the essence of the programme, shaping its flavour and tone. They should also be an inspiration for regional and central authorities – an inspiration to solve crises by implementing children’s prescriptions.


The second part of the programme is the ‘Smash and Shoot’ – in this part the presenter asks the participants a few closed and a few open questions – thus verifying their general knowledge. Some answers can surprise not only the host but also the audience!

The last fixed part of the programme is “Brain teasers”. The participants, together with the presenter, watch previously prepared logic puzzles and then look for the right answers on camera.

The programme is led by an educator with many years of experience working with children and who has a teaching qualification.

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Data premiery

19 Aug