A Promo video is a type of advertisement that allows you to have a more targeted impact on your target audience. Creating promo videos is usually necessary to promote a particular product (service) or to inform customers about an important event in the life of the company. During his work specialists studio Top5zloty production accumulated vast experience in making promotional videos of different content, format and duration. Many of them can be seen on the official sites of our customers and other Internet resources.


In contrast to – commercials, which can also be aired on television, promo videos are created to be shown online or at various events. Promotional videos can have not only a narrow thematic focus, but also represent the company as a whole. A promotional video is always specific, and builds a script around key information about a new product or service launch. At first glance, this may seem to make it easier for those who create promotional videos. In reality, however, producing a promotional video can sometimes be more difficult than making a promotional video about a company.

A promo video is the most effective way to introduce a company, product or service.

Emotional and effective promotional videos have a strong impact on potential customers or partners, increasing sales and forming a positive brand image. Making a promo video is easy, when done by professionals. Professionals like us.








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Creating a promo video with Top5Zloty Production is:

・Effective and efficient video ・Target audience ・Reasonable price

The cost of a promo depends on?

・The length of the video ・The availability and amount of computer graphics, voiceover, colour correction, etc ・The number of locations, equipment and personnel involved ・The timing of the work (the shorter it is, the higher the price of the promo).

Stages of creating a promo video

1. First, we will obtain and agree with you all aspects of promo video. 2. Then we analyse the company or product to be promoted, highlighting its strengths and weaknesses. We also study our competitors, and draw up a portrait of the potential audience for the promo. With this information, we’ll draw up a promo concept. We write a script based on it. 4. Then we start preparing for the shooting. We will choose locations and equipment, hold a casting, etc. 5. Then we’ll start shooting the promo. 6. After its completion, the post-production phase will begin. This includes editing, scoring, adding computer graphics, colour correction, etc. The promotional video service is ordered by: ・Creation of teasers; ・The creation of trailers; ・The creation of commercials; ・ The creation of 2D-animation; ・ The creation of 3D-animation; ・Video infographics creation; ・Creation of viral videos; ・Video promotion.

A fair price promo video make it by TOP5 ZLOTY PRODUCTION is available from 500 Euro.

Why you should order a promo video

・To tell about your company or product

・ To attract partners or investors

・  To increase sales



Quick and safe

We can complete your promo video within 14 days. Not fast enough? We will find a solution! Your deadline is our primary goal.


Advantages of making a promo video

Promotional videos are not advertisements and are not intended to be shown on TV. Their content does not need to be adjusted to the regulations of the Advertising Act. The duration of your promo is not limited to standard 30 seconds on TV. Promo videos are virtually unlimited in their formats. They can be of completely different genres, filmed in different ways and processed at post-production stage. Promotional videos attract potential audience and form a positive impression of the company or product. With all their potential, promotional videos can effectively showcase and sell a product.


1. Throughout the project, it is important to keep the budget in mind. Stick to realistic expectations and don’t add things to the video that can grossly inflate its production costs. 2. A promotional video should entertain, not attack. Even a video with great content will fail if it doesn’t let customers choose when and how to watch it themselves. A promo video which the user included himself, much more chances to get the client, than a video which he watches forcedly. 3. Trying to tell people about a company or its goods as effectively as possible, some people forget about the quality of the promo video itself. But the quality of the promo is directly linked to the interest of the target audience. The aim of a well-made promo film is to create something unique and useful that consumers can discuss and share. 4. It is important not to forget to call the consumer to action. After all, why else would companies order promos? You need to encourage viewers to visit the company’s website, subscribe to its Twitter account, like the product on Facebook and simply buy it. Of course, you don’t need to do it all together; go for one. Or two. 5. When thinking about the idea of a promotional video, you need to remember to multitask. This will help to create a video that fully pays for all the investment. For example, a promotional video made to attract customers can also be used as a staff presentation video. And so on. 6. When the video is completely ready, there comes no less important stage – its promotion. No matter how good the material was, all the effort spent on it will be in vain, if his so no one will see.


To tell a customer about a particular company’s product or service Interest them so that in the future the potential customer will want to be friends with the company and have their product with them. Promotional video can be considered a real mini-movie, which has advertising and informational nature.


Tell the customer about the product or service of a particular company Interest him so that in the future the potential customer wants to make friends with the company and have its products.

The duration of promo videos

Unlike advertising, which is shown on TV, the duration of promotional videos can be different. But there are some tricks that must be followed to make the ads work. A very important factor is the duration of the promotional video. It is important in the short term to be able to interest people. Typically, long commercials have much less success than their short brothers. Why? The fact that in our time, when almost everyone has instant access to the Internet, and with the potential client knows that he can independently decide what he now watch, learn and buy, he certainly does not really like the test of his patience. Therefore, when a person is forced to impose their opinion, and even in a very long format, such advertising is doomed to fail. It will not cause the positive emotions which the advertising company wished to achieve, but unfortunately exactly the opposite. Also, do not praise too much promotional product. This method certainly will not go to the company. That is, they are created to make a person think that this product is a vital need for the buyer. SEE THE PROMO VIDEO WORLD THROUGH THE EYES OF THE CUSTOMER To achieve a good response to your advertising, you must understand and understand the psychology of man. It is important to try to think first of all, what exactly you would like to see in this promo in the place of the buyer. HOW MUCH DOES IT COST TO MAKE A PROMO VIDEO WITH OUR COMPANY? On average, the cost of creation of video starts from 500 Euro. Let’s understand what it depends on. On the number: People who work on the creation of commercials. (Consider not only the director, screenwriter and actors. Wages need to be paid to chauffeurs, assistants and other helpers). Days you need to shoot the video. The costs that are needed to prepare the filming locations and scenery. Also from: Computer graphics and their quality. The location where the commercial is filmed. Editing, colour grading, graphics. Writing original music by the composer. The complexity of commercial. (Shooting under water, for example, more complicated and will cost you more than on land. In addition, the complexity can include visual effects, large crowds and other). CONCLUSIONS In order to understand what kind of commercials suitable for you, we recommend contacting us for professional advice, where you have more specifically discuss all the nuances of promo video for your company.

How we work

Many customers before deciding on one of the performers like to know how they work, what techniques they use, how creative they are, whether they make suggestions to the customer about how the task could be done better, how is the digitization of footage, what editing is used, is there colour correction of footage and edited material, are computer graphics and animation possible, is there post-production. We are always ready to answer these and many other questions at a personal meeting or by phone in more detail, but now I will state some positions in brief.

The hallmark of our team and approach to work is our creativity, ingenuity in the execution of tasks and the use of good technique, which always leads to a quality result. For example, if we discuss something during a meeting, we don’t sit like stone sculptures but take a lively part in discussing the future shooting process: we give advice on how to frame the shot better, which scenes to shoot and which not to, suggest some of our variants of bringing the task to life. Every time the process of shooting is exciting for us, we look for something interesting on every set, and try to reflect it in the frame. On all of the set, where make-up is required, we invite our experts who with confident and knowledgeable movements create the right make-up for everyone who is in the frame – from this the picture always wins.


Shooting the PROMO VIDEO

For a long time we use only high class equipment for our shootings: Sony Alpha A7iii, RED and ARRI, a wide range of interchangeable lenses, different systems of stabilisation (sliders, scooters, steadicams, tripods, monopods). For every shot we select the necessary equipment and make the picture most “cinematic. During posed shootings we always use additional lighting: ARRI spotlights, KinoFlo filling lamps, Dedolight drawing fixtures. If this is a reportage shoot, we use the on-camera light, in order not to lose sight of any important scene or event. After the filming itself, all the footage ends up in the hands of our editing directors. They digitize and output all the material in montage format, which is necessary for colour correction step in order to be able to manipulate the picture without damaging the material. We perform editing in professional non-linear editing programmes such as Adobe After and Adobe Premiere Pro. After we have compiled the best shots and created a rough draft of the film, it is sent for approval to the customer. At this stage we make changes and corrections, select a piece of music, which will sound behind the scenes, write the original voice-over text, which will be scored by professional annunciators. At this stage we always recommend the customer to create their own music track, which would accurately reflect the idea and the construction of the film, but would be a unique piece of music that fully belongs to the rights after creation to the customer. This is the right approach and clients usually take this step, realising the importance of the action. The first look at the rough cut is usually the starting point to see if the computer graphics and animation are required and sometimes it (creating the graphics) is where all the shooting starts, it happens that way. In our team enough experts on animation, computer visualization and 3D-graphics to successfully perform the most difficult tasks, the extensive portfolio is an example. Final assembly of the film, colour correction, possible correction of sound effects and interference (natural sounds which surround us everywhere) take place in post-production and only after that we hand over our work. We send the finished work to the Client as an electronic link to the file, the Client downloads it, reviews it, makes changes, we make the changes and send it to the Client again, but it should be noted that if the Client makes serious changes to the project, he can do it no more than 2 times, not counting minor ones. Revisions will be made to the film until we have reached mutual agreement on its quality. An important note will be the following point: if after sending the Material the Client does not respond to the material sent within 3 months – we reserve the right to close the project unilaterally and remove it. Large and long-playing projects or projects of regular Clients we keep from 6 months to several years if we see in them the prospect of further cooperation.


We always have a high-class make-up artist on site. We create beautiful computer graphics, 3D animation, design and architectural visualisation An original soundtrack by professional composers is created under the customer’s wishes and possibilities The voice-over narration is written by real PR-specialists who are able to create sales promo-texts. Voice-over narration is provided by professional TV and radio presenters. If a foreign voice is needed, this service is also available. Often, we shoot backstage on location to make a funny video. One of the most important factors: we are easy-going and quick on the mark! We don’t need to be rocked for hours to get anything done. And what we are most proud of is that we bring positivity. We don’t have dull cameramen or photographers, we don’t have loonies or idiots, we don’t work with staff who have shown themselves to be a total freak anywhere at least once! We love our work, we get vital energy from it and so we give it peacefully to those with whom we work.


If you’ve decided to order video editing of the footage into your own film, you’re on the right track. We can do editing of wedding video, video from the event, corporate event, anniversary, sporting or musical event and much more. Asset editing is the consolidation of all fragments of the video and audio into a coherent picture of the video clip. Video editing is a very important part of the production process and is not less important than the shooting process. The perception of the final viewer will depend on the quality of editing. Our specialists will create the best video clip for you that will convey emotions of your event on video. We add graphic and audio materials, special effects and titles to the montage to make your video look modern and unique among others. We perform editing of videos captured with non-professional equipment. We strive to make video editing with us bring you the desired result and satisfaction from the work, so that our cooperation would be long-term.

Promo video colour grading

What is colour correction and why do you need it
Colour correction is part of the post-production process, its aim is to normalize colour gamut of the resulting image, adding saturation, depth, brightness and contrast to it.
In layman’s terms, this is a change in colour of the original video, to get a beautiful and vivid picture
Colour grading video is handled by several people – a colorist or a colour grading operator. The color grading is a professional video colour grading as well as graining.
Video colour grading is a very important and necessary stage of production. A video clip, whether it is an image video or an advertising clip, consists of a large number of shots, which can probably be shot with different cameras, at different times of day and in different lighting conditions, and possibly with different camera crews. This is where colour correction comes in. The video work is then perceived seamlessly and beautifully.
Professional colour grading for the video brings the frames to a unified style – the desired colour scheme.
What programmes are used for colour grading :
We use in our work the most advanced programs – Davinchi Resolve, Adobe After Effects
Types of colour grading
Technique – it’s just routine work with the range of colours, contrast and balance.
Artistic – it is a part of unique design for films or clips, which have their own features

The benefits of video colour correction in promo video

Impressive result ・We implement a bold and creative idea ・ Reasonable price ・ Commitment to work

Process of promo video colour grading

Step 1. Filling out a brief, discussion of your order. Step 2. Defining video colour correction task Step 3. Creating a technical task and selection of references. Step 4. Approval of estimates. Step 5. Material preparation (collection of existing material). Step 6. Delivery of the finished material.How to order professional colour grading of video If you want to order colour grading and find out what the cost and timing of colour grading are, just dial or email Top5Zloty Production and we will provide an answer for your questions. You can just call us, and we will gladly perform video color grading for you and you will be satisfied and happy.

Promo Video Color Correction Price

The price for colour grading video depends on many factors: the duration and format of the video, complexity and the number of frames, the quality of the material for color grading, the type of colour grading (technical or artistic), performance time of colour grading. To understand the cost of video colour grading, we recommend choosing the right colour grading service for your video.

If you want to order colour grading and find out what the cost and timing of colour grading are, just dial or email Top5Zloty Production and we will provide an answer for your questions.

You can just call us, and we will gladly perform video color grading for you and you will be satisfied and happy.

Video Colour Grading Price

The price for colour grading video in Kiev and Ukraine depends on many factors: the duration and format of the video, complexity and the number of frames, the quality of the material for color grading, the type of colour grading (technical or artistic), performance time of colour grading. To understand the cost of video colour grading in Kiev our team needs to get the original video material to conduct a calculation and identify the front of work.